The Making of a Queen

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Queen’s (Thursdays at 8p EST) broadcasts are a ministry outreach of A.M.E.W. to women of every walk of life.  Hosted by Bishop Kevin Bufford of A More Excellent Way Ministries in Atlanta, Ga., The Making of a Queen explores and highlights the true meaning and purpose for our earthly existence.


Senior Pastor

Established in 2016 in Snellville, Ga., AMEW (A More Excellent Way) Ministries was founded by Bishop Kevin Bufford.  Bishop Bufford is a native of Bessemer, Al and has been serving in gospel ministry for over 25 years.  AMEW is answering the call of God by living, teaching, and serving in the Spirit of Excellence.

The Goal is to Encourage, Empower and Equip women with the principles of the Kingdom which have been given for our fulfillment and success.

We believe that every man and woman has a God given purpose and role.
We believe that these are revealed to us through His word and packed with life giving and life sustaining truth and power.